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"Rarely in basic or clinical research do we have the thrill of seeing results translated into therapies that transform lives. Such an opportunity now exists within the Stanford Institute of Neuro-innovation and Translational Neurosciences where critical discoveries in the laboratory are being translated into viable treatment strategies for patients and their families."

- Craig Heller, PhD, Director

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people with Down syndrome lead healthier and happier lives by rapidly and effectively applying research discoveries to useful treatments.
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Down Syndrome Resources

Families with a member with Down syndrome face many challenges and have many questions.  We present on this website an extensive and curated collection of references, articles, blogs, news articles, and essays that will be valuable sources of information.
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2020 Super Fest!

2020 Superfest will be held in Miami, Florida on Saturday, February 1, the day before Super Bowl LIV.  Get ready for football and cheerleading clinics and gameday experiences!