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Stanford is excited to host an inaugural summer program for the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and neurodivergent populations including those with Down syndrome, autism, and other conditions. The program will give students aged 18-25 a chance to experience an overnight program that will include:

  • Educational or instructional session
  • Social activities with Stanford students
  • Facilitated discussions with students from UC Davis Redwood SEED and George Mason LIFE programs
  • On-campus housing
  • Breakfast & lunch

Program Goals

We are excited to share that Professor of Special Education Christopher Lemons, Ph.D., has joined the Stanford Graduate School of Education.
A discussion of Dr. Maddalena Adorno's research on stem cells and the possible relationshipbetween neural stem cell deficits and common Down Syndrome characteristics.

Jonathan Artal

Jonathan Artal, a freshman at Stanford University, shares about his research related to Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease.