Overnight Summer Experience

Are you considering post-secondary college options?

Stanford is excited to host an inaugural summer program for the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and neurodivergent populations including those with Down syndrome, autism, and other conditions. The program will give students aged 18-25 a chance to experience an overnight program that will include:

  • Educational or instructional session
  • Social activities with Stanford students
  • Facilitated discussions with students from UC Davis Redwood SEED and George Mason LIFE programs
  • On-campus housing
  • Breakfast & lunch

Program Goals

A goal is to provide a short summer experience in which students will learn pragmatic lessons about the college experience from students in comparable programs (i.e. UC Davis Redwood SEED, George Mason LIFE, etc). This program will offer some insight to students to see if a post secondary program is for them.

Our longer term goal is to gather feedback and use learnings from this program to move forward our Center's vision of a 4 year residential program for students at Stanford.

In addition, we hope this program will create an inclusive and accepting environment on campus for individuals with IDD and  in in which this program’s students will be supported with peer mentors in academics, social inclusion, health and wellness, residential living and employment. By demonstrating an inclusive on-campus setting, we hope Stanford students will bring this acceptance and inclusive attitude with them into society at large when they graduate. Furthermore, we are envisioning our 4 yr program will support academic learning, skills training and create opportunities for competitive, integrated employment while living alongside other Stanford students in on-campus housing and participate in campus clubs and organizations.


Dates: Wednesday, July 5  – Saturday, July 8 

Student age: 18-25 yrs old

Program Hours: 9am – 4pm

Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Overnights: in Stanford housing

During program hours, Stanford staff, community partners, and student peers will be on-hand to support and facilitate. Parents are not allowed attend classes or sessions with their student but may have a final presentation where we ask parents to join their students.

To Parents/guardians:  We are requiring parents or guardians to stay overnight in the residential dorm with their student and be responsible for their student outside of program hours. There will not be an additional fee for parent housing. All dorms will include individual rooms in a multi-room suite so guardians will be in their own room.

Applicant Requirements

  • Students with learning differences or those who have an intellectual or developmental disability such as Down syndrome, autism, or other condition
  • Demonstrates knowledge of personal safety awareness
  • Open to accepting instruction and guidance
  • Have self-determination skills and have a sufficient level of independence 
  • Able to communicate needs
  • Able to follow directions in English
  • High School diplomas are not required but accepted

Applications are CLOSED for Summer 2023